Heyyyy Melanin!
Welcome to a different kinda travel vibe

You’re here for a reason!  A wise person once said, travelling is a requirement, not an option. As such, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the multitude of experiences the world has to offer, all while enjoying the company of likeminded melanated professionals.   

Curated Travel Experiences

MTT’s trips are one of a kind, curated to incorporate experiences that we can appreciate. 

Our founder and team have travelled globally, establishing relationships that has created a vast network of resources. From beach getaways, to historical journeys, our goal is to leave every member wow’d

Complete. Concise. Convenient.

There is no guess work.  Everyone is provided a detailed packet that outlines everything needed to put your mind at ease. 

Travel packets include information on flights (if applicable), transportation, lodging, activities, and cultural/local tidbits to be mindful of.  All to ensure the best experience each and every time.  

Great (new) connections!

“A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face.”– Maya Angelou

Travel is all about making new connections, whether it’s with locals or fellow travellers. Those new friendships just waiting to happen, are some of the best reasons to get out there and explore.

Whilst spending time with travelers you meet on your trip you’ll get a window into another culture, always have a friend to visit in another country, and will be able to enjoy a sense of kinship through your shared love of seeing the world.

A trip for every budget and need

Whether you are looking for a budget friendly week away or a once a year splurge, a weekend glamping or tracing the footprints of the ancestors, you are sure to find an experience that excites you.   ALL our trips include accommodations, transfers and activities, and select trips include that plus airfare.  You will always know ahead of time what you are paying for, and payment plans are always available.  Our trips are designed to give you peace of mind.  Once you pay, all you need to do is pack!


Hands down one of the best trips thus far. Despite me being concerned that I spoke no Spanish, I as able to enjoy everything from beginning to end. The hosts were amazing, the day tours were fun and informative. Sleeping in the Andes Mountains! Just wow. I will definitely travel with them again, yearly if my schedule allows.

Michelle, Brooklyn NY



We did 14 day Dubai/ Thailand trip with this group, where the founder was present. Yo could tell she enjoys traveling and also loves meeting new people. It made for a great experience from beginning to end. The food, the day tours, the vibe. Everything was thought out in great detail. You were able to have fun without feeling rushed, event on the longer days. The professional photographer was an amazing touch, because who doesn't love pics that are IG ready!

Randi J., Miami FL



My first trip with this group was "close to home", you know to feel it out. I was so impressed with the organization and thoughtfulness that I have since been to CapeTown and Aruba. As someone always on the go, I appreciate that everything was done, the travel packets were a simple but great touch. I look forward to meeting more amazing women, and men, in the future!

Khani R, Houston TX


Experience the Vibe!