Melanin Travel Tribe is a platform founded by an avid traveler, geared towards creating rich, immersive experiences for professionals of color.  Having been to 5 continents and almost 40 countries, prior to creating MTT, she has developed meaningful relationships and created a vast network of people within the industry.  The result are curated experiences built to excite and afford memories that last a lifetime.

No.  While we have curated trips to the same geo-local multiple times, we have travelled to countries spanning several continents and the Caribbean. Our founder has travelled with members to Peru, Thailand, UK, France, Colombia, Dubai, Morocco, South Africa, Martinique, Barbados, St. Lucia, several cities in Italy – including Rome, Venice & Milan, Spain – including Madrid, Segovia, Seville, amongst others.  We could go on, but you get the point 😊

You! At MTT, we believe there is no age limit, or career requirements.  As such, our members come from different backgrounds, many being nurses, lawyers, corporate professionals, teachers and entrepreneurs.  Diversification leads to the added benefit of networking with likeminded individuals, which has actually led to the forging of great professional relationships once the trip is over. 

Our tribe is open to everyone 18 and older with a valid passport and a penchant for exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. 

While most of our trips have been with single women, we have had several instances of single males and couples being in the midst.   We welcome you, and your partner to join in on any experience that interest you. Or if it is just you, we welcome that too 😊

Great question.  Most trips are booked double occupancy as most members already have a travel partner to room with.  This is of course the cheapest option as many know.  Guests can also opt to room alone, understandably at a cost that may be slightly higher (hotel policies that we can’t control).  You DO have the option however, to be paired with someone should you be interested in doing so.  Please select the “room with new BFF” box when booking.  Have more questions – send us an email. 

Typically trips are often inclusive of the following – hotel, roundtrip airport transfers, day tours / cultural experiences, transportation to select activities.  Food and drinks are not usually included, unless specifically stated in the experience post.  Tips, free day excursions, souvenirs and other items of a personal nature are always excluded.

Trips are designed to incorporate as much as possible within the time there, without feeling rushed.  Free mornings, afternoons or full days built in, to allow members to engage in any private excursions that may be on their bucket list.

In certain instances flights are included, in other cases, you must book on your own. Allowing members to book their own flights affords added flexibility for those who may not reside in the North Eastern part of the US to join us.

For trips where you are responsible for your own flight, you will need to provide your flight details so we can expertly arrange for our transfers to/from the airport. 

Need help booking?  Please send an email so we can assist.

Another great question.  Everyone has the option to pay over time, via the secure payment portal, by their preferred payment method.  You can also pay in full should you be someone who likes to get it done and focus on packing your bags 😊.  Whatever your choice, you have a choice.  When paying, please be mindful of all cancellation policies, installment due dates and the like. 

Thank you for asking this.  Rest assured that we do NOT see or store your banking details.  All payments are made via a globally certified payments platform that is safe and secure.

Yes! Everyone is eligible for their refund, based on the terms noted in each experience posting.  Most deposits are non-refundable, unless specifically stated, and all credits are valid for 12months in all instances they are not.  Refunds are greater when cancelled as early as possible from the departure date.  Most trips are non refundable 30 – 45days from departure, but credits vouchers are provided.

Please review the refund policies, as outlined in the experience post. 

Separately, travel insurance is highly recommended for members, as an added cushion for any unforeseen circumstances such as illness or change in financial standing (i.e. job loss etc.). 

Great!  After your first payment, you typically receive a welcome email. This will ask you to confirm all your personal details, needed for travels, including complete name and DOB, should your experience require flights.  You will also be asked to provide pertinent information such as allergies and dietary restrictions.  Please note that while we try to accommodate dietary requests, we cannot guarantee the vendor can supply them.  Finally, you will be required to submit acknowledgement of terms, waivers (if applicable), and photo release forms (if applicable). 

All members are asked for a phone number to be added to a whatsapp or signal group for seamless communication before, during and after the trip.  Members are welcome to leave group chats at any time. 

Please feel free to email us using the contact form.  Or you may email us at

Experience the Vibe!